Zeyn and Rhyan Schweyk have been playing classical piano since 5, composing since 8, performing publicly since 9, and teaching music to all ages since 12, all while taking weekly private lessons with professional teachers and professors.

The talented brothers aspire to spread classical music to especially attract the youth to it, and to share with everyone its immense beauties and everlasting benefits. Their unique musical passion and societal contributions have inspired countless youngsters, and adults alike, to further appreciate the genre and/or play an instrument.

The duo enjoys a vast repertoire of some of the most beautiful pieces of the greatest composers from all eras, can play from memory or improvise for hours, and perform frequently at various known venues and notable functions. Popular works by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Schubert, Schumann, Liszt, and Debussy are only some of the favorites they play.

They have already had numerous concerts and hundreds of performances on all types of stages, both domestically and abroad, collaborated with various chamber music groups, won many composition and performance competitions including a two-piano Back concerto that they debuted at the Lobero Theatre in May ’22, earned several widely recognized accolades and awards at the state and national levels, and have been featured in different publications, and on television and on radio stations.

In addition to having performed nationally, in Europe and Central America, and to being essential accordionists and keyboardists in a UCSB Ethnomusicology Ensemble, for its traditional quarterly concerts at Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall since 2017, the boys are also regulars in their hometown at favorite restaurants, wineries, hotels, music clubs, plazas, and retirement homes. Besides their exceptional love for classical music, entertaining, and giving back to their community so generously at their young age, Zeyn and Rhyan also have a special passion and talent for sciences that enables them to contribute even more to society.

The siblings graduated high school last year after each attaining, with also perfect GPAs, two different engineering disciplines and two associate degrees in science and arts. Since then, they have been interning at reputable organizations, companies, and universities, researching and working on exciting engineering projects requiring advanced math, physics, chemistry, and programming.

They are currently attending The Peabody Institute of Music and Johns Hopkins University to double major in music and electrical engineering/computer science (Zeyn), and biomedical engineering with a focus in neuro/immuno engineering (Rhyan), as they intend to make an even larger impact in the world by innovating new technologies that combine classical music with applied sciences to make robotic prosthetics and find new ways to treat as many medical and neurological conditions as possible.